Throw Your Phone - Superbacker ticket


Be our Superbacker - buy this ticket now for only 1 Euro and save 30 Euros later.

This ticket gives you a lot of benefits: 

  • Get early access to the campaign!
  • Get a huge Superbacker discount on the AER TYP! (59€ / 69$ instead of the final retail price of 89€ / 99$)
  • Get the final product before anyone else!

and there's even more:

  • Get access to an exclusive group to get a BTS to look into our startup and campaign!
  • Get a chance to co-create with us! Final design decisions regarding color, surfaces, and Merch designs will be made together with Superbackers.
  • Get invited to weekly video calls to hang out with the AER team!

Still unsure? Reach out to us for any questions or concerns at