AER Head for Osmo - DIY 3D Print Bundle


This is an AERVIDEO Co-Creation product, please make sure to check out the video.

This bundle includes:

  • Digital 3D file of the 'AER Head for DJI Osmo Action' (.stl file format) 
  • AER Bumper made our of EPP foam
  • Adhesive sticker to attach the AER Bumper to the 3D print

Disclaimer: This product does not include any AER Wings, you can find them separately here.

This Co-Creation project started off as a collaboration between us and Dr Chun Keat Yew, a community member from the UK. He asked whether the AER is also compatible with his action cam, the ‘DJI OSMO ACTION’. When we told him that unfortunately, it isn’t, he didn’t give up and simply re-designed the AER Head.

We're now making this AER Head specifically designed for the DJI Osmo Action available to all of you who have access to a 3D printer. This bundle includes everything you need to print your own AER Head at home. You can find some more information regarding 3D printing here.