Foam Wings


This is a set of 100% foam AER Wings. There is no Carbon Fibre Reinforcement, making them slightly lighter but also less durable

These wings were part of the initial production batch when we first launched the AER product. After testing we noticed that they are not as durable as we'd like them to be, so we added the carbon fiber rod to all future batches. You can read more about the development process of our wings here: "How we fucked up the initial design of the AER Wings - and then fixed it."

Ever since then we've been selling the reinforced wings. After cleaning up our warehouse we found a few boxes of these Foam Wings and thought that even though they might not be as durable, they still work fine. We'd rather see them being used than collecting dust here in our warehouse.

That's why we're now offering them for a discounted price.

Please note that they might break a little sooner than what you're used to.

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